May 2019 Notice from Rossco Wright:

I am Rossco Wright.

I am the owner of Wright Guitar Technology, Inc.

I have edited my Facebook page to display my current designs. I am not smart enough to edit this website. Please proceed to Facebook SoloEtte Travel Guitar.

The following is what I posted in February 2019:

I invented, built, and marketed   “SoloEtte ”  Travel Guitars for 23 years.

Competition forced the USA-made SoloEtte out of business two years ago.

I moved the shop and the home to The Dalles, Oregon, USA

I now have tiny shop and cannot build the SoloEtte.

All in all it has been GREAT!!

We made 5,369 SoloEtte guitars in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

We licensed the trademarked design to Aria Guitars. They made 23,000 licensed travel guitars with the name “Sinsonido” and paid me a royalty on each one.

In 1995 SoloEtte was chosen by NASA Astronaut Chris Hadfield and went up in the Space Shuttle to be gifted to the Cosmonauts in the Mir Space Station. The SoloEtte orbited Earth more than 15,000 times and traveled more than 376,000,000 miles.

SoloEtte has been endorsed by Sharon Isbin at the Julliard School of Music, and has been played by some of the finest Musicians in the world.

I will honor the warranty on the seven SoloEttes I sold this last year.

I have no parts for sale. I am sorry that I can no longer do repairs on the thousands of aging, out-of-warranty SoloEttes.

If you need repair of a SoloEtte, contact a qualified professional Guitar Repair technician and have them text me for advice at   SoloEtte@SoloEtte.com

The name “SoloEtte TM ” and the Trademark  Reg. No. 2,401,468 are now for sale.

Someone with the vision and just the right kind of resources and technology will be able to push this excellent design, with its top flight reputation onward in our Music Industry.

Thank you for your continuing support and nice letters.

I love the industry, the culture, and the clientele.

I will now proceed to build another new guitar design that I hold a Trademark on, which I can build in my tiny shop.

Best Wishes,

Rossco Wright