What is the Warranty?

The SoloEtte is warranted to be free of manufacturer defects and faulty materials for one year from the date of original retail purchase. Please click here to read our full Warranty policy.

How do I purchase replacement parts for my SoloEtte after the warranty has expired?

We offer replacement parts including frame pieces and tuning keys for the life of the guitar. Please email us at soloette@soloette.com or call us at 541-343-0872 to purchase replacement parts.

What powers the guitar?

The guitar is powered with a 9 volt battery.

How long will the battery last?

It should last up to 30 hours if the player remembers to always unplug everything from the guitar when not playing. The output jack functions as the guitar’s on/off switch.

The sound of my SoloEtte in headphones is falling out in one ear followed by the other ear. Is there something wrong with my electronics?

No, it is time to change your battery. When the battery life is ending, the sound in headphones will fall out in one ear, then the other ear. Always replace your battery with a brand new battery to guarantee sound in headphones up to 30 hours of playing time.

Can the guitar plug into an amp, boom box or computer speakers?

Yes. The SoloEtte comes with two output jacks, one for headphones, and another for “Send to Amp”

What do the nylon guitars sound like?

In the headphones, the sound is believably that of a plain, simple nylon string guitar. It is easy to listen to, and comfortable to practice with for hours. Through a PA or sound system, or a nice tube amp, the SoloEtte is very effective when used in an ensemble, such as with percussion and electric bass. Solo performance at a small coffeehouse-type venue would be very pleasant through the house PA System. Any serious recording, or classical recital, would, of course, be much better with a fine classical guitar. Please visit our Audio Samples & Links page to listen to the Classic.

How does the frame assemble and disassemble?

Click HERE to view animations showing frame assemble and dissemble.


Can the guitar plug into a computer or laptop sound card to play through speakers or for recording?

Yes. The SoloEtte can be plugged into the “line in” jack on any desktop or laptop computer. It’s best to use the headphone jack when playing into a sound card.

Do you offer electronics upgrades on your older models?

No, we are no longer offering electronics upgrades on our older models. We have been happy to upgrade the electronics on our older models for the last twenty years. We are ending this service in June, 2016. We have scaled our production and repair work down to focus on new guitars and our Wright Electric Guitars. We apologize for any disappointment.

The plastic button on my tuning key has cracked. How do I replace it?

We offer replacement tuning keys for older Schaller tuning machines. The cost is $5 per tuning key plus $2 for USPS shipping within the United States. Please email us at soloette@soloette.com or call us at 541-343-0872 to purchase replacement tuning keys.

How do I purchase replacement parts for my Aria Sinsonido guitar?

We do not stock replacement parts or offer service for Aria Sinsonido guitars. The SoloEtte electronics and frame pieces are not compatible with the Aria Sinsonido. Please contact the Aria distributor in your country for replacement parts and service.

How do I purchase a SoloEtte pickup and preamp?

We do not offer our pickups and preamps for retail sale. Repairs to your SoloEtte can be done locally by any good guitar technician. If you are experiencing trouble with your SoloEtte electronics, then please email us at soloette@soloette.com or call us at 541-343-0872 for help with a repair. We encourage repair technicians to reach out to us for help repairing a SoloEtte.