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Will the Airlines allow this guitar onboard or must I check the guitar as baggage?

Yes the SoloEtte can be carried onboard as one of your items. Try to board early so you can find room in the overhead compartment.

Is the action adjustable?

The string height is adjusted with shims under the bridge.

Which headphones work best?

Our customers tells us overwhelmingly, that the Grado model SR-60e headphones (www.gradolabs.com) are the most compatible headphones. We recommend them because of superior sound quality and the fact that the ear pieces rotate to present a flat profile. All headphones will work, but probably not as well as these. Try what you already have.

Do the nylon models use special strings?

Your nylon guitar leaves the shop strung with D’Addario, hard tension, ball end strings, comparable to the D’Addario model EJ-34 strings, although any nylon or composite strings can be used.

What is a “figure 8 ” knot and how is it tied?

A “figure 8” knot is used to keep the strings from pulling through the string holes. An example of a “figure 8” knot can be seen here.

Can you put steel strings on the classic or hybrid?

No, it would invalidate the warranty. Steel-string tension is too much and will warp the neck severely

What powers the stereo electronics?

The pickup and stereo amplifier is powered with a 9 volt battery.

How long will the battery last?

It should last up to 30 hours if the player remembers to always unplug everything from the guitar when not playing. The output jack functions as the guitar’s on/off switch.

The sound of my SoloEtte in headphones is falling out in one ear followed by the other ear. Is there something wrong with my electronics?

It is time to change your battery. There are two separate amplifiers in there. The weak battery can only power one of them, and soon neither.

Can the guitar plug into an amp, boom box or computer speakers?

The SoloEtte does not play thru guitar amplifiers well. It is designed for headphones and stereo amplification devices. The 1/8 inch stereo output jack accepts headphones plugged directly into the guitar, or can be sent to a stereo sound system or CD input, much like a cell phone or CD player can be sent to a stereo sound system.

What do the nylon guitars sound like?

In the headphones, the sound is believably that of a plain, simple nylon string Classical guitar. It is easy to listen to, and comfortable to practice with for hours. Through a stereo computer sound system and speakers the sound is similar and very pleasing. Solo performance at a small coffeehouse-type venue would be very pleasant when you can send a stereo signal to the house stereo sound system. Any serious recording, or classical recital, would, of course, be much better with a fine classical guitar. Please visit our Audio Samples & Links page to listen to the Classic.

How does the frame assemble and disassemble?

Click HERE to view animations showing frame assemble and dissemble.

Can the guitar plug into a computer or laptop sound card to play through speakers or for recording?

Yes. The SoloEtte can be plugged into the 1/8 inch stereo “line in” jack on any desktop or laptop computer.

How do I purchase replacement parts for my Aria Sinsonido guitar?

We do not stock replacement parts or offer service for Aria Sinsonido guitars. The SoloEtte electronics and frame pieces are not compatible with the Aria Sinsonido. Please contact the Aria distributor in your country for replacement parts and service.