– “A fabulous invention…now I can travel anywhere in the world and maintain my technique and repertoire with ease and convenience.

Thanks for the wonderful guitar you made for me. I felt in love with the instrument right away! Besides being an amazing electric instrument, the Dragon Fly guitar has an incredible acoustic sound! How can you do that?? Unbelievable! It is almost louder than my vintage Gibson 335! The shape/design is also incredible! What a beautiful instrument. Even non- musicians felt in love with it! I already played 2 concerts with mine! The neck is perfect. The 25.5 scale makes the guitar sound like an acoustic and feels good under my fingers. I lowered the action more and I can still have a great sound without buzzing. It is very, very low right now. I love the frets! (I still haven’t touched the truss rod)… I can’t stop playing my Soloette!! It’s my favorite guitar (note: I own 12 guitars)!

– “The SoloEtte has solved all the problems of a travel guitar. It is truly the best design I have played”

– “I brought the SoloEtte along on all 647 road dates I have played in the last 4 years – it is a superb practice instrument, writing tool, and a good friend”

– “It gets used almost everyday”

Mark Tyers, Adjunct Professor of Classic Guitar Studies, Montana State University, Bozeman

“I never leave my house without the SoloEtte because it’s so light that I even take it in case I have an idea as I take an umbrella bewaring the rain. Of course, in tour, in the train, in the plane, in the car. The body kit of the guitar is so smart that I can adapt it to any work situations and the headphone give a real freedom because no need of an external audio device.  What ever could I need but ideas now?”

Jean-Felix Lalanne, Guitarist, Composer

“My Soloette looks and sounds great, is beautifully designed, and is a ball to play. Its size and portability are an added bonus. I’ll be spreading the word about this wonderful instrument.”

I needed a great travel instrument for gigging and practice and came upon an older Soloette Travel (2003-2004) with a Moses Graphite neck. To suite my taste, I contacted Vanessa Roy at Soloette and asked if Rossco would customize this older version with a modern touch as follows:

-Remove the original bridge pickup and replace with RMC piezo saddles onto a Nashville style bridge

-Route and Install a DiMarzio Air Zone in the neck position

-Patch up blemishes left from the original design

-Install an ebony pickguard

-Rewire the electronics to include a blend knob to allow both the Air Zone and RMC to work together.

– “Envious of flutists and other small instrument players? Tired of carrying your guitar absolutely everywhere? Want to practice in trains, planes and laundromats? These issues and many more no longer plague me since my purchase of the SoloEtte. It’s sleek and my life is complete! Bravo Senor Wright.”
Benjamin Verdery, Guitarist, Composer

– “Without disturbing people, I can practice whenever I want”

– “Completely brilliant! It works so well!”

– “It feels real, and when I travel, I don’t have to worry about a broken guitar”